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Image inpainting on satellite image using texture synthesis & region filling algorithm
, Shanti Guru K.
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Image inpainting is an interesting new research topic in image processing, which can be used in many thrust areas, such as computer graphics, image editing, film postproduction, image restoration and special effects and the restoration of old Photographs and damaged film, removal of superimposed text like dates, subtitles, or publicity and the removal of entire objects from the image. In image inpainting, missing (target) regions were filled by structural and textural information of an image in a visually plausible way, also known as image restoration. Though this technique is very useful, it is still a challenging problem in computer vision and computer graphics. In this paper, an algorithm is proposed for removing target objects from digital images. An algorithm was proposed to synthesize the structure & texture as well as fill the hole that is left behind in an undetectable form. An attempt has been made to compute actual color values using exemplar based texture synthesis and region filling method. A number of examples on removing occluding objects from real and satellite images demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed algorithm in terms of both inpainting quality and computational efficacy.
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JournalProceedings - 2014 IEEE International Conference on Advances in Communication and Computing Technologies, ICACACT 2014