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Image Processing for Hazy Weather Conditions
Published in International organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 25.0 - 31.0
Accidents due to the hazy vision in adverse atmospheric conditions is not an issue limited to a region.It is observed worldwide that even after developing the road safety knowledge the accidents in hazy atmosphereare not reduced. These are due to some constraints like blurred vision in hazy conditions in which human eyescannot detect vehicles or other objects coming in front of vehicle. To overcome this issue there should be someinterface between the driver and the objects coming in front of vehicle. The issue occurs while driving in hazyenvironment and can be avoided by providing an interface which will store the video in form of frames at aspeed specified by the camera module used on the front panel of the vehicle. The video stored in format offrames will be processed through the Raspberry Pi which is a series of small single board computer. There willbe a provision for the driver to turn on the system whenever it is necessary by pressing a button and then therewill be a TFT display provided inside the vehicle to visualize the objects coming in front of the vehicle inadvance to the driver
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PublisherInternational organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)
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