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Impact of velocity and bundle holding time on bundle dropping event in Vehicular Delay tolerant network
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1384 - 1387
Vehicular Delay tolerant network (DTN) is mainly characterized by intermittent connectivity, long and variable delay, asymmetric data rates and high error rates. Nodes are operated by using store-carry-and-forward mechanism to forward the packets. DTN nodes are mobile in nature and they have limited time to hold a packet to forward it to the other nodes. Therefore, after specified amount of time bundle dropping event happens. Velocity and bundle holding time are the two major parameters which cause bundle dropping. In this paper, we studied and analyze the impact of velocity and bundle holding time on the bundle dropping event. More the velocity of a DTN node and the bundle holding time, more the probability a DTN node can contact with other DTN nodes which increases the bundle delivery. © 2015 IEEE.