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Implementation and analysis of Video Error Concealment using Moment Invariants
Rajani, PK, , Ghuge, Aditi D
Volume: 4.0
Issue: 2.0
Receiving videos with least error has become one of the main challenges in video applications in recent years. Video error occurrence may be because of loss of data. Video error concealment is technique in which error is removed from the data. In video error concealment, data is recovered back completely. The technique used for that is moment invariance. Video applications are widely used in many domains, such as internet videos, entertainment media, and security applications. In this paper, Video Error Concealment is achieved by Moment Invariance using MATLAB. Some standard videos with different errors in different frames are used to analyze the quality of videos. Error is detected using error function moment invariance technique and corrected by using block matching algorithm. In Moment Invariance method, frames are divided into macroblocks. For analysis, error in macroblocks of different sizes like 16*16 pixel, 8*8 or 4*4 pixel macroblocks are considered in this paper. Error is introduced with different sizes of blocks until error concealment is done. The quality of the video is analyzed using Structural Similarity Index Measurement (SSIM) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR). Result indicates that quality is improved for different error videos.
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