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Implementation of energy efficient algorithm in delay tolerant networks
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2017-January
Pages: 93 - 99
Delay Tolerant Networks is an emerging technique which supports for the intermittent connectivity. Previously, for transmission of bundles the end-To-end connection was required to carry out the transmission successfully. But now, using the store-carry-forward mechanism and the node mobility it is possible to transmit the data from the source to the destination even if there is no end to end connection between them. There are different routing strategies which are formed in a DTN environment to reduce the message overhead and for increasing the message delivery probability, but very few take the energy into a consideration while designing. DTN nodes have a very limited amount of energy resources which holds a great significance. To perform any kind of operation between various nodes, i.e. sending bundle, searching for the neighbor node, storing bundle, etc the energy is used. Hence, in this paper, we proposed a new energy efficient algorithm to improve the energy efficiency. This algorithm forwards the packet to the nearest neighbor node which also uses the probability distribution function to forward the bundle to the next best hop which requires the least energy for the transmission. It also narrows down the specific region for the transmission of data by using the angle based transmission. The freshly energized node is redeployed in the network. With the help of Opportunistic Network Simulator results, it is proven that the designed algorithm is more energy efficient than the previous distance based algorithm. © 2017 IEEE.