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Improved filter-weight algorithm for utilization-aware resource scheduling in OpenStack
S. Sahasrabudhe,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 43 - 47
OpenStack is a cloud computing platform. OpenStack provides an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). OpenStack constitutes resources such as compute, storage and network resources. Resource allocation in cloud environment deals with assigning available resources in cost effective manner. Compute resources are allocated in the form of virtual machines (aka instances). Storage resources are allocated in the form of virtual disks (aka volumes). Network resources are allocated in the form of virtual switches, routers and subnets for instance. Resource allocation in OpenStack is carried out by nova-scheduler. However, it is unable to support providers objectives such as allocation of resources based on user privileges, preference to underlying physical infrastructure, actual resource utilizations for example, CPU, memory, storage, network bandwidth etc. An improved nova-scheduler algorithm considers not only RAM, CPU but also vCPU utilization and network bandwidth. Improved nova-scheduler is referred as metrics-weight scheduler in this paper. This paper gives performance evaluation and analysis of Filter-scheduler and Metrics-weight scheduler. © 2015 IEEE.