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Indoor navigation approach for the visually impaired
Sadique Waris,
Published in Sryahwa Publications
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 7.0
Pages: 72.0 - 78.0
Navigation in indoor environments is difficult for the person who suffers from visual impairment, especially in spaces visited for the first time. Several solutions have been proposed to deal with this challenge. Although some of them have shown to be useful in real scenarios, they involve an exorbitant cost or use artifacts that are not natural for blind users. According to WHO survey about 90% of the worlds visually impaired live in developing countries. Thus our work aims to develop an inexpensive visual assistance prototype which detects an obstacle and gives auditory response. We propose a solution which holds image processing methodology & low cost hardware for obstacle detection. Here in a vision assistance prototype a camera captures the image frames directly in front of the user and it is fed to MATLAB for the processing. Processing unit processes the captured image and enhances the significant vision data. Also a connection between ARM7 and PC is made using USB to RS232 connector to use stored procedures of audio annotations. Upon detection of obstacle the person gets auditory feedback to his/her ears.
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JournalInt. J. Emerg. Eng. Res. Technol.
PublisherSryahwa Publications
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