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Intelligent embedded video monitoring system for home surveillance
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 1
Since few years there is tremendous growth in the research of surveillance system especially in computer vision based surveillance system. This paper proposes a monitoring system which includes motion detection algorithm is implemented along with some alarming features. The system proposed in this paper is IOT based image processing unit with internet connectivity so that data can be transferred to any remote server for example Cloud. The motion detection feature of a system provides necessary isolation of most significant video clips that eliminates time consuming reviewing process required in normal video surveillance system. The main idea behind this system is to detect the presence of any moving object especially a human and then start recording a video from the motion is detected. The video clip can be stored locally as well as uploaded to cloud server so that it can be viewed from anywhere in the world and necessary alarms then generated by the system. There are several micro controllers are available that can be interfaced along with digital camera to achieve this goal.