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Interactive and Smart Refrigerator using IOT

Published in
Volume: 08
Issue: 03
Pages: 1297 - 1300

n the modern era of technology and with increasing dependency on smart techniques like mobile phones, there is a requirement of solving daily life tasks in quick and easy ways. Smart technology is becoming the need of the hour to take control over the different tasks at home and in industries. The system proposed is based on detection and recognition algorithms. The main function of the algorithms is to automatically detect the smell and generate a message to the user that the food is spoiled. The key feature of computer vision is Arduino for reasons like marketability & law-abiding apps. Secondly, after a lot of research on the accessibility of realistic technologies, this area of research finds an important place among different types of researchers and scientists like computers, food & different organizations. The microcontroller panel can perform functions that include interpreting inputs and outputs and making the sensor activated. Generally, food is stored in the refrigerator which lowers the bacteria rate of production. Certain items which are perishable or not used for long-term storage are to be detected and informed to the user. This project is based to solve the food spoilage through sensors by continuously sensing the signals from the food and sending the alert message to the registered mobile phone.

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JournalInternational Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Trends
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