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Inverse Kinematics Solution for a Robotic Arm Through Geometric and Iterative Fusion Based Modelling
S. Routray, A.T. John, A. Syed,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 7
Every robotic arm has a specific work envelope and a predefined trajectory that it must follow to complete any task. Geometric calculation for determining joint angles and velocity involves complex trigonometric calculations and derivations which are not simple enough to actuate in a control software. Many times, geometric calculation also tend to become unsolvable due to complex work envelopes. Though iterative algorithms provide generalized solution to every serial link manipulator possible, it is computationally very expensive. If the number of nodes is large, this further aggravates the situation. The paper focuses on the methodology to combine iterative and geometrical methods to find inverse kinematics solutions to a 4 Degree of Freedom (DOF) robotic arm. Thus, the paper aims at establishing a bargain between geometric method complexities and iterative method computational load. Iterative method is employed for certain links and geometry is applied for rest of the links to achieve the desired end location with minimum error possible while adhering to the constraints of the work envelope. © 2019 IEEE.