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Investigation and Experimental Evaluation of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System by Means of Alternative Refrigerants
Nilam P. Jadhav, V. K. Bupesh Raja, Suhas P. Deshmukh,
Published in Springer
Volume: 35
Pages: 10 - 26
A theoretical investigation is considered to discover possible alternatives on behalf of R134a, R12 and R22 for traditional vapor compression refrigeration system. For the same two azeotrope blends, R404A and R407C are nominated. The theoretical analysis is conceded for the refrigerating system at a continual condensation temperature of 50 ℃ and −10 ℃ to 10 ℃ evaporating temperature. Results to investigate alternative refrigerant have slightly lower performance coefficient than HFC134a, CFC22 and CFC12 respectively. Further, it is noticed the average performance coefficient of alternative refrigerants is 7.26% for R404A and 1.41% for R407C enhanced for the degree of superheating and sub cooling. The experimental setup is developed for R404A and R407C to observed different parameters such as pull down time for evaporator temperature, discharge pressure, power consumption, performance coefficient and energy efficiency ratio and compared with R134a. Smaller pull down time, lesser power consumption and isentropic work done improves the performance coefficient of the system, similar or maybe higher behavior like R134a proved that the nominated refrigerants used as an alternative to R12 and R22.
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