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Investigation on NG to LNG Conversion Processes- A Review
Ashutosh Wankhade, Viraj Gandhi, Roshan Deshmukh, Komal Zoting, Nirajan D Khaire,
Published in IJREAM
Volume: 4.0
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 320.0 - 324.0
The Natural gas (NG) is preferably better fuel than conventional fossil fuel in terms of cost and eco-friendliness. The current scenario of India is it has huge demand of energy but problem is, India has very limited nonrenewable sources available. To overcome this problem, we are progressing towards the use of renewable energy sources that is conventional energy sources. In this domain use of natural gas as a fuel is a best solution now-a - days. If this Natural Gas is converted to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), it is more convenient to transport as the specific weight of LNG is more than that of NG. The Natural Gas is converted into liquid form by cooling it under high pressure. From the point of view of so many environmentalists, natural gas is a natural bridge fuel between the dominant fossil fuels of today and the renewable fuels of tomorrow. This paper presents necessity for conversion of Natural Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas. The paper focuses on various methods for conversion of NG to LNG. The investigation is done on various processes of conversion of natural gas to liquefied natural gas.
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