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Investigation On Twin Screw Compressor Rotor Profile
Published in International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Volume: Vol 8
Issue: Issue 8
Pages: 1770.0 - 1779.0
The screw compressor is a favorable rotating displacement compressor with a screw-shaped piston. The primary components are male and female rotors that move towards each other while the volume between them and the housing reduces. In an industry, the compressors are one of the highest power consuming machines. Hence, to decrease the power consumption, the efficiencies of these machines need to be at the highest level at all operating conditions. There are different geometric and installation parameters of the screw compressor that influence screw compressor efficiency such as inlet and outlet ports, rotor size, lobe mixture, rotor length to diameter ratio, clearance and primarily rotor profile. There are very limited or no literature available with open access for the design of a screw rotor profile. This paper focuses on the initial steps to be followed during the design of screw rotor profile. Various curves have been used to generate rotor profile. The curve used in a particular area of the main profile is the sine curve. The study presents profile generation using above mentioned curve. An analysis and comparison of the performances of this profile with widely used profile in the commercial market. Profile used here for comparison is ―N‖ profile developed by City, University of London, UK
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JournalInternational Journal of Science Technology and Research (IJSTR)
PublisherInternational Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
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