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Investigations on Stress andDeflection Analysis of Fiber MetalLaminated (FML), Steel andComposite Beams
Published in Academic Publications
Volume: 114.0
Issue: 11.0
Pages: 325.0 - 335.0
Fiber Metal Laminates (FML) are the class of hybrid materialscomprising of thin metal sheets adhesively bonded together with fiber reinforcedcomposite layers. These are widely used in aerospace industry for structuralapplications. In this paper the end point deflection and maximum equivalentstress of FML cantilever beam made of aluminum sheets and E-Glass fibers havebeen investigated by considering the effect of varying fiber angle orientation,stacking sequence and number of layers. Theoretical investigations wereperformed using Classical lamination theory. Six different parameter sets of FMLwith total eighteen stacks out of which four stacks are of aluminum andremaining fourteen stacks are of E-Glass fibers are analyzed and compared withsteel beam for the same boundary conditions using commercially available FEAtool. Finally FEA results are validated by analytical results. It has been found thatthe tip displacement is inversely proportional to the material index andthickness. Considerable amount of weight reduction is achieved in comparisonwith steel beam for the same boundary conditions. With little increase inthickness of FML it gives better results compared to steel beam with minimumstress values and higher weight reduction.
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JournalInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
PublisherAcademic Publications
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