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IOT based smart energy meter
Abhishek Nanoti,
Published in IJCRT
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 2.0
Wireless automation in electricity and billing is the new innovation in terms of technology. Retrieving the data of units consumedby the consumers is not efficient. The current process of electricity billing is susceptible to errors. It is time and resource and laborconsuming as well. The problem of the billing system becomes crucial when consumers try to tamper the meter, thereby pay less amountthan what actually should be paid. In our proposed system, already installed energy meters at our houses are not replaced, but an additionalsmall circuit design along with IoT on the already installed meters can change the existing meters into smart meters. Smart Electricity meterusing Internet of Things (IoT) system present an efficient and cost-effective way to transfer the information of energy consumed to theconsumer wirelessly and automatically without any human intervention, as well as it provides facilities to detect the illegal usage of theelectricity. Aim of this project is to calculate the electricity consumption, formulate the bill automatically without any labor and transfer itusing IoT. Bill amount is SMSed through IoT platform to the consumer at the start of every month with the help of RTC. Also, this studyaims to detect and control the energy theft. A passive infrared (IR) sensor is engaged with the system to detect when any illegal alterationhappens in the metering system. In such case, the system itself will notify it to the server, as well as it has the facility to disconnect and reconnectthe electricity supply automatically using a Solid-State Relay, also the power supply can be disconnected and reconnected remotelyin case of pending bills.
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