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IP V6 secure tunneling mechanism
S. Shiravale, , D. Mukhopadhyay
Published in
Pages: 222 - 225
The Network performance optimization, configuration depends on proper design of complete network. The network layer is primarily concerned with routing. The packets may cross many networks to reach the destination during this process. To achieve its goals, the network layer must know about the topology, communication subnets and the version of the IP addresses used. The present version of IP is version 4 which must communicate with the next generation of IP addresses which is version 6. As both the versions of Internet Protocol must co-exist, we need some mechanisms that can help the transition process run smoothly. The old applications which are still using IP v4 should work smoothly with IP v6. We discuss IPv6 secure tunneling mechanism that has some advantages over the other models. The model discussed here can be used to establish hybrid communications between the two different versions of Internet protocol in both ways. Copyright 2012 ACM.
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