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ISAR: Implicit sentiment analysis of user reviews
, P. Devle, A. Waskar, N. Chopdekar, S. Patil
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 357 - 361
Sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing the text about a topic written in a natural language and classify them as positive or negative based on the human sentiments, opinions expressed in it. Due to the increasing growth in use of social media (e.g. reviews, forum, blogs, Twitter and postings in social network sites) on the Web, users now have many opportunities to express their opinions about a product or topic. Users express their opinion through the reviews. These reviews are used by the individuals and organizations for decision making purpose. It is impossible to read and extract user opinions from such huge number of reviews manually. To solve such problem an automated opinion mining approach is required. It is difficult for a user to read and understand all the reviews. Relevant and important information about these establishments should be fetched from reviews and presented to user in a summarized manner. Current approaches for opinion mining, attempts to detect the polarity of a sentence, paragraph or text regardless of the aspects mentioned in it. In this paper we proposed an aspect based approach for opinion mining which uses aggregate score of opinion words and aspect table together for opinion mining process. The main motive of the system is to develop an opinion mining application with improved accuracy by following an implicit approach. © 2016 IEEE.