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Laboratory test set up to study wind turbine tower models
D.S. Chavan, J. Cheema, Tanya, R.K. Manocha, J. Sankpal, V. Panda, , A. Shukla
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 509 - 514
In this Paper various types of tower models are developed. This tower can be tested in the test set up for different wind conditions. Tubular tower, lattice tower, guyed wire tower are developed in the tests up. These towers can be tested for various wind conditions. Any other new designed tower also can be tested in the test set up. For any given wind conditions and surface roughness the performance of the tower can be observed. The flicker initiated in the wind turbine for various configurations of the tower can also be found. The lattice tower is made of steel bars. The tubular and guyed wire tower is made of steel cylinder. Any suitable material can also be used to build the tower. The towers are scaled down models. Tower models are tested in the laboratory. The results can be scaled up according the actual wind farm conditions and height of the tower. Suitable tower can be selected for particular area. © 2017 IEEE.