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Lead-acid battery for HEV using fuzzy controller and ultracapacitor
, P.B. Karandikar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology is most upcoming in automobile industries, to reduce the pollution and fuel consumption. Lead acid batteries are mostly used in the automobile industries, because of its high efficiency and low cost. However a major problem can arise in the lead-acid battery is sulfation, which occurs because of improper charging and discharging. Sulfation is a chemical reaction that happened inside the lead-acid batteries but it can reconstruct without chemical experiment. The main intension of this proposed work is to develop a Battry Management system for (HEV), to increase life of battery. In the proposed work , lead-acid battery is coupled with the ultracapacitor along with an intelligent controller scheme. For controlling charging and discharging of battery a pulse width modulation (PWM) technique used along with a fuzzy controller. The parameter considered in the control scheme are temperature, voltage, current etc., based on this the pulse signal will be generated. The overall proposed system can enhance the life time of the lead-acid battery. From this work we obtained a well suitable solution for battery management system for the HEV, which can enhance the battery life.The proposed system is implemented and verified using Matlab/Simulink platform. © 2016 IEEE.