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Leaf Disease Detection and Recommendation of Pesticides Using Convolution Neural Network
, K. Mantri, S. Rudrawar, S. Salmpuria, N. Gadekar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Crop production problems are common in India which severely effect rural farmers, agriculture sector and the country's economy as a whole. In Crops leaf plays an important role as it gives information about the quantity and quality of agriculture yield in advance depending upon the condition of leaf. In this paper we proposed the system which works on preprocessing, feature extraction of leaf images from plant village dataset followed by convolution neural network for classification of disease and recommending Pesticides using Tensor flow technology. The main two processes that we use in our system is android application with Java Web Services and Deep Learning. We have use Convolution Neural Network with different layers five, four three to train our model and android application as a user interface with JWS for interaction between these systems. Our results show that the highest accuracy achieved for 5-layer model with 95.05% for 15 epochs and highest validation accuracy achieved is for Slayer model with 89.67% for 20 epochs using tensor flow. © 2018 IEEE.