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Low Budget Smart Glasses for Visually Impaired People
, Harshita Bhorshetti, Shreyas Ghuge, Athang Kulkarni,
Published in International Organization Of Scientific Research (IOSR)
Volume: 2.0
Issue: 1.0
Pages: 48.0 - 52.0
Smart glasses are designed for all kinds of applications and can be employed in industrial applications, medical and healthcare, consumer, logistics, security, and government, etc. In practice, blind people identify objects or find out walk able paths using a white cane. In spite of a variety of such canes (long cane, guide cane, support cane) available, it doesn’t recognize what the actual object is. The guiding sticks give an idea about the objects that lie only in a limited area. Having a camera vision with the support of audio messages for the visually impaired ones gives them a better and more precise sense of their surroundings, especially in an outdoor environment. However, because of the high cost of such devices, the dependency of blind people on common people is consistent. This paper provides a new design of Smart glasses, that the user can wear as normal glasses. These devices are optical head-mounted devices that integrate camera and allow hands-free operations. The fundamental objective of smart glasses for people with normal vision is to blend human vision with the virtual world, producing a kind of ubiquitous computing. But, using this design, the camera placed on the device obtains the video equivalent to the point of view which will be processed for assisting the visually impaired user. There is no need for the user to hold the device in his hands or move it in the necessary position and the vision of the user is not occluded. It will provide a field of view up to 120 degrees.
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JournalIOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN)
PublisherInternational Organization Of Scientific Research (IOSR)
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