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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A Perspective from the
Engineering Education

Published in
Volume: 36
Pages: 345 - 351

The COVID Pandemic was a big hit not only for the education sector but also finance sector, industrial sector etc. Due
to this adverse situation the physical classes were abruptly stopped and there was a chaos. During this arduous situation universities switched to E-learning. Students started taking MOOC courses.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are online courses offered by diverse educators with the goal of enabling everyone to access content at reasonable prices from any location.

This paper presents how Universities can influence students to enroll in courses. For this study purpose students at a University in Pune provided the data in the form of Feedback and Suggestions.

Students can enroll in a Course for one of two reasons: to learn new things and develop their abilities, or to gain University Credits.

The results showed that many students were completing MOOC courses for credit than for personal growth, a strong
correlation between enrolling in a MOOC course for university credit and successful completion is observed.

A strong need for University teachers to offer their expertise on these platforms to ensure global knowledge sharing was also observed.

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