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MediCloud: Cloud Computing Services to Health Sector
Published in Foundation of Computer Science (FCS)
Volume: 179.0
Issue: 23.0
Fast access to health data enables better healthcare serviceprovisioning, improves quality of life, and helps saving life byassisting timely treatment in medical emergencies. Anywhereanytime-accessibleelectronic healthcare systems play a vitalrole in our daily life. Services supported by mobile devices,such as home care and remote monitoring, enable patients toretain their living style and cause minimal interruption to theirdaily activities. In addition, it significantly reduces the hospitaloccupancy, allowing patients with higher need of in-hospitaltreatment to be admitted. E-healthcare systems are increasinglypopular, a large amount of personal data for medical purposeare involved, and people start to realize that they wouldcompletely lose control over their personal information once itenters the cyberspace. According to the government website,around 8 million patients’ health information was leaked in thepast two years. There are good reasons for keeping medicaldata private and limiting the access. An employer may decidenot to hire someone with certain diseases. An insurancecompany may refuse to provide life insurance knowing thedisease history of a patient. Despite the paramount importance,privacy issues are not addressed adequately at the technicallevel and efforts to keep health data secure have often fallenshort. This is because protecting privacy in the cyberspace issignificantly more challenging. Thus, there is an urgent needfor the development of viable protocols, architectures, andsystems assuring privacy and security to safeguard sensitiveand personal digital information.
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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
PublisherFoundation of Computer Science (FCS)
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