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Modelling And Comparative FEA Of Conventional Metallic & Composite Structure Of Slat With Optimization Of Ribs
Published in International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Volume: 8.0
Issue: Issue 09
Pages: 244.0 - 250.0
An aerodynamic surfaces which are on the leading facet of the wings of the aircraft with fixed wings are known as Slat. When they are deployed the wings operate at greater angle of attack. This research paper introduces a modified design of slat section 1 which is modelled using modelling software CATIA. The proposed design will allow fitting an antenna made up of Kevlar which is a composite material. Kevlar is ten times stronger than stainless steel, raio-transparent and is bullet proof, these properties are essential for fighter aircrafts. The meshing is done using meshing software HyperMesh as it provides better tools for meshing. FEM Analysis of slats is done with help of designing and analysis software Patran.. Analysis results of modified structure are contrasted with the results of earlier metallic slats structure. Results obtained shows that it is preferable to replace aluminium metal by Kevlar Composite. It is an important factor to reduce weight in aerospace sector. Ribs of modified structure are optimized in this paper by removing material in different cut section such as trapezoidal, circular and triangular. Results of all three ribs with different cut sections are compared. It is observed that Ribs with circular cut section generate lower stress. Hence ribs with circular cut section are selected for manufacturing. It helps in reduction of overall weight of the slat.
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PublisherInternational Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
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