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Modified Blue Active Queue Management Algorithm
, V Palanisamy, , P Ramanathan
Published in American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Volume: 10.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 1.0 - 12.0
Background: Congestion in a computer network degrades network performance by decreasing throughput and increasing packet loss and delay. Active queue management algorithm is router based mechanism for early detection of congestion in the computer network. The basic idea of AQM is to sense and detect congestion in advance and to inform the sender to reduce its sending rate there by reducing the number of packets sent in the network and control the congestion. BLUE is an AQM algorithm which uses single marking probability pm to manage the congestion in the network. The major drawback of BLUE AQM is that it relies on queue length to detect and manage the congestion and since the queue length may give very little information to detect the severity of congestion that is to detect the number of competing connections sharing the link. Objective: In order to over this shortcomings we have proposed new algorithm named NewBLUE which has high link utilization, monitors the queue length, requires less buffer space, early congestion detection, minimizes the queuing delay, decreases the packet loss, achieves fairness, avoids global synchronization, tracks the number of user and stabilizes performance measure with target independently of the number of user and removes bias against the busty traffic. Results: After simulating the NewBLUE algorithm with the existing BLUE algorithm, NewBLUE algorithm gave better throughput and less packet loss and delay compared to the BLUE algorithm. Conclusion: Thus NewBLUE which is modified version of BLUE which uses idle link, packet loss to detect congestion decouples the congestion measures with performance measures and stabilizes the performance measure against the target independently of number of user had high throughput less packet loss and less delay compared to BLUE algorithm [3] [6] [29] [30]. KEYWORDS: AQM, BLUE, NewBLUE. RED.Access from your library
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JournalAdvances in Natural and Appiled Science
PublisherAmerican-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
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