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Myself: Local perturbation for location privacy in LBS applications
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1981 - 1985
The location security in current location-based services (LBS) meets threat where mobile users have to report their actual location knowledge to the LBS provider in order to get their desired POI, (Points of Interests). We consider location privacy techniques that work using obfuscation operators and provide different information services using different cloaking techniques without any trusted components other than the client's mobile device. The techniques are then covered according to the random category. It blurs the accurate user location (i.e., a point with coordinates) and replaces it with a well-shaped cloaked region (e.g. Circle, Rectangle, Pentagon etc.). We have recommended the technique where instead of exchanging cloaking data with peers, user queries directly to LBS. We have presented techniques where first technique which provides different privacy levels using obfuscation operators. The second technique for query processing generates the region of different shapes. Third demonstrates regional cloaking and two more new ideas are presented. We have shown effectiveness and performance of these techniques. © 2014 IEEE.