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Nanosponges-Versatile Platform as Drug Carrier
Kandekar U., Munot N., Chorge T., Lone K., Kamble P., Kishanchand K.,
Published in Bentham Science Publishers
PMID: 36748244
Volume: 17
Issue: 2
Pages: 91 - 103
Background: Recently, nano-drug delivery systems have become an integral part of the most novel drug delivery systems and have gained considerable importance owing to various ad-vantages such as carriers for poorly soluble drugs, targeting molecules at the desired site, protection from degradation etc. Objective: One of the most studied areas of nanotechnology is nanosponges. The objective of this review was to extensively summarize the various strategies for the preparation, characterization and applications of nanosponges. Methods: In the current review, we conducted a systemic search of the literature and patent inventions focusing on nanosponges. The summary of the search was inclusive of various aspects of nanospong-es, such as drug characteristics to be considered while incorporating in nanosponges, other crucial addi-tives during formulation of nanosponges, methods of preparation, characterization and applications of nanosponges in pharmaceuticals. Results: Nanosponges are nanocarriers for both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs. These are prepared by different methods such as emulsion-solvent evaporation, solvent method, melting method, ultrasound assisted method etc., and all these methods were less time consuming, more economical and evaluated by sophisticated techniques available for routine analysis. These are among the most feasible alternative to address several formulation difficulties associated with the physicochemical properties of the drug. The porous nature and small particle size are vital properties of the nanosponges that contribute crucially to correcting the drawbacks of the drug. The properties of the nanosponges can be enhanced when combined with cyclodextrins. Extensive research work has been carried out in past to explore cyclodextrin based nanosponges. Besides, it is also used for smart targeting of tumors and for drug release in a sustainable pattern. Nanosponges can be prepared by simple methods. These can be tuned to release the drug by different routes so as to achieve the maximum benefits of the drug. Conclusion: Huge amount of research has been carried out on nanosponges as drug carrier. The method of preparation and characterization of nanosponges are quite economical and routinely available. Owing to potential benefits and probable applications, these can be used as efficient carriers for certain drugs. The authors expect that the current review will guide the investigation of the nanosponges as nanodrug delivery systems. © 2023 Bentham Science Publishers.
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JournalRecent Patents on Nanotechnology
PublisherBentham Science Publishers
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