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Nonlinear Static Progressive Collapse Analysis of High Rise RCC Structure
Published in Fast Track Publications
Volume: 7.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 339.0 - 344.0
As per recent developments in construction,the architects required to plan the high rise structures inRCC. Unfortunately due to some reasons such as gasexplosion, terrorist attack, fire etc. high rise structuresundergoes some major component failure. Because of thefailure of major component, sometimes part of the structureor whole structure tend to collapse. In other words thisbehaviour of structure is called as progressive collapse In this project it is proposed to carry out progressivecollapse analysis of 12 storey RC frame building byremoving different column one at a time as per the GSAguidelines. Building consists of 6 X 5 bay 3 m in X and Ydirectionand designed by Indian code. Structural model ofbuilding has been created in ETABS and loads are appliedas per GSA guidelines, for evaluation of progressive collapsenonlinear static method of analysis has been used. As pergiven in GSA, three column removal cases for 1st floor hasstudied like corner column C1, interior column C43 andexterior column C47. For these cases non linear staticanalysis has done and joint displacements for three columnremoval cases are evaluated. Also, PMM ratio and axialforce for adjacent columns and bending moments foradjoining beams are evaluated.Results are obtained that, for progressive collapse ofinterior column is more critical than other two locations ie.Corner and exterior column.
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JournalInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology
PublisherFast Track Publications
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