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Novel approach towards securing wireless sensor network systems for health care
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 164 - 168
It has been observed that, the use of wireless sensor network platforms have procured vast popularity over last few years. The wireless sensor networks are being widely used in agriculture, home security, health care monitoring and traffic management systems. Usage of these systems has increased rapidly. An organization or institute can make use of the data obtained from various such sensor network systems for their analysis. Data obtained from such networks can be misused by any person if the systems are not well secured. Thus misuse of valuable information raises many problems for organization or institute. So to tackle this problem, we need to secure the sensor network systems from vulnerable attacks. In this paper, we propose a new novel approach for securing wireless sensor networks with different layers of security along with data encryption / decryption strategies. As there is a huge concern regarding privacy and integrity of data, this approach will help the organizations to secure their information and make underlying wireless networks more secure and reliable. This paper also brings focus on design and implementation of reliable secure sensor network for the health care monitoring in medical field. The architecture will allow smooth and efficient interconnection of patient's body area network and stationary wireless networks. It presents native solutions for event management, time synchronization and security. © 2016 IEEE.