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Numerical validation of natural convection heat transfer with horizontal rectangular fin array using straight knurling patterns on fins—correlation for Nusselt number
Rahul C. Chikurde, , Narayan. K. Sane
Published in Wiley
Volume: 48.0
Issue: 5.0
Pages: 1622.0 - 1647.0
Natural convection heat transfer from horizontal rectangular fin array with various knurling patterns has been studied experimentally by the present authors to investigate the effect of knurl‐produced surface roughness of fin on the heat transfer rate. The parameters like knurling height from base, knurling depth, fin spacing, and supply wattage were considered for parametric study. In the present paper, numerical method (CFD) is used to simulate natural convection phenomena with knurled fins and results are validated with the experimental data available from literature. The numerical results show similar trends compared with experimental data and one can use this method to study various fin configurations for knurling patterns. The flow patterns from experiments and numerical method are compared for different supply wattages and fin spacing to back up the conclusion. It is also observed that the variation in nondimensional roughness depth and spacing (D kn/H and S/H) have more effect on Nusselt number than roughness height parameter (H kn/H). Further, the method is extended to study numerically large number of fin configurations with knurling patterns to gather sufficient data for Nusselt number with respect to fin geometric parameters as above and establish correlation for heat transfer coefficient for such type of fins.
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