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One dimensional analysis of single expansion chamber reactive muffler for various cross sections

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Abstract: Internal combustion engine is a major source of noise pollution. These engines are used for various purposes such as, in power plants, automobiles, locomotives, and in various manufacturing machineries. The main sources of noise in an engine are the exhaust noise and the noise produced due to friction of various parts of the engine. Muffler is a device used to reduce noise within the exhaust system. It is arranged along the exhaust pipe for the purpose of noise attenuation. The expansion chamber of reactive muffler can be of various cross sections like Circular, Elliptical, and Square &Rectangular. In this paper, One Dimensional Analysis of Single Expansion Chamber Reactive Muffler is carried out for various Cross-Sections theoretically, numerically and the results are validated with experimental analysis. The result shows to identify the transmission loss characteristics, by taking consideration of space allocation for expansion chamber.
Keywords: Reactive muffler, Transmission Loss, One dimensional analysis, Numerical analysis.

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JournalProceedings of International conference on Recent Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology 2019
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