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Online Voting System Using Biometric Verification”,
Published in Tejass Publisheers
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 4.0
This paper describes electoral system which is completely automated, unbiased and online for easing the process of voting , increasing security and reducing the counting time The project is divided mainly into two section first one is voter registration phase of voter and second one is of actual voting phase on voting console. In voter registration phase the database of voter will be saved in repository which specifically contains voter’s unique identification number and finger prints information. Project contains biometric device which will verify the identity from the database saved in repository by the communication of Wi-Fi module i.e. esp8266 and if respective voter is identified then authorization will approve to that respective voter at the same time in other section of repository it updates the database of authorized voter to register voter is qualify to vote and to uniqueness ,also it will prevent the duplication and falsification of voter ;after getting authority from the repository voting enabling signal will send from VVB by using ZigBee to voting console for enabling voting for that particular voter , when voter votes then that vote will send to repository with the help of esp8266 and the voting console will be reset after the voting of each vote.
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JournalInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering ISSN (Print) 2319-5940 ISSN (Online) 2278-1021 IMPACT FACTOR 5.947
PublisherTejass Publisheers
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