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Optimization of a Smart Road Junction
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Volume: Vol.1
Issue: Special Issue
Pages: 52.0 - 62.0
21st century India needs planned, technologically sound and sustainable development. A crucial aspect of thisdevelopment is road transportation. The infrastructure facilities play major role in developing any zone of a country in themodern era and globalization. A smart and efficient road network enhances the progress of that region. A fresh outlook isneeded if these road networks and new developing ones are to be truly a part of the modern world. This project highlightson optimising the construction and execution aspect of a road network. It also focuses on analysing the current and futuredemand for designing a very efficient and smart road junction with aim to have a free and speedy movement for allcategories of traffic. For our project, we have chosen a 3-km stretch and an intersection in PCMC. This project will assist inredefining the design parameters for any infrastructure project.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical an Civil Engineering (IJERMCE)
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