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Optimization of Piping System for Nozzle Loads
Suyash Chougule,
Published in Tamilnadu I RJ Publications
Volume: 3.0
Issue: 9.0
Pages: 1.0 - 6.0
Piping systems in petroleum, petrochemical, and storage plants used for the transportation of oil and gas goes through a great thermal stress and strains due to difference between ambient and operating temperature of process & utility fluid flowing through them. These types of changes give rise to different types of expansions, loads and moments. These loads will get transmitted to end points of the piping systems which generally are connected to equipment nozzles. If these nozzles cannot sustain these loads then there can be failure of nozzles giving rise to fracture in the system. The expansion is the result of thermal loads. Exceeded sustained weights can be minimized by addition of support in the piping system whereas expansion loads are compensated by addition of expansion loop. These loops and supports can be designed and added with the help of codes given by American Society of Mechanical Engineering. Generally ASME B31.3 is widely used for such type of designs. To ensure this a static flexibility analysis can be done by using engineering tool called CAESARII. Generally the end nozzles are connected centrifugal pump. In case if the piping nozzle is connected to centrifugal pump the system has to pass conditions given in clause F.1.2.a, b and c of API610. If the system is having more values of stresses as that given in Table 5 of API610 then it is mandatory to reduce them to optimum level. These can be done by addition of support near to pump nozzle or adding expansion loop anywhere in the piping system. This paper applies API610 to existing piping system and checks weather it is passing it or not. The paper also suggests two modifications in given system which validates all requirements in the given code
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JournalInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology
PublisherTamilnadu I RJ Publications
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