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Optimization of Special Moment Resisting Frame installed with Buckling Restrained Braces
Published in
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 8.0
Pages: 1432.0 - 1435.0
In recent years, the seismic design of structures has experienced significantchanges because of the increased demand for optimization of the structuralcapacities of buildings in order to minimize the level of damage, economic loss,and structure repair costs after an earthquake. The purpose of this project is toevaluate the performance of Special Moment Resisting Frame (SMRF) buildinginstalled with Buckling Restrained Braces (BRB) designed according to thecurrent Indian Standards, minimum design loads for buildings and otherstructures. The project also investigates the differing results from the time historyanalyses completed using ETABS, commonly used structural analysis software.For the Nonlinear Dynamic Procedure (NDP), a time-history analysis isperformed in which a model that incorporates the nonlinear load-deformationcapacities of individual members in the structure is subjected to earthquakeground motions to obtain forces and displacements. And then, the optimizationof the sections will be taken into consideration from the results of analyses of theSMRF building and the SMRF building installed with Buckling RestrainedBraces
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