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Optimization of Thinning In Deep Drawing Process Using Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm

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Issue: 2
Pages: 5722 - 5726

Deep drawing is a manufacturing process that is used extensively in the forming of sheet metal into cup or box like structures. In deep drawing the depth of the part being made is more than half its diameter. The geometry of die influences the thickness distribution and thinning of sheet metal blank in the deep drawing processes. Excess thinning in deep drawing is caused by incorrect die and punch clearance and radii. Thinning will usually be greatest near the part's base. The tension forces will tend to create a thinning effect. Determination of the thickness distribution and of the thinning of the sheet metal blank reduces the production cost of the material and time. The final objective of deep drawing process in particular or of any sheet metal forming process in general is to produce good quality product, hence uniform thickness should be obtained throughout.Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) inspired by grey wolves. The GWO algorithm mimics the leadership hierarchy and hunting mechanism of grey wolves in nature.

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