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Optimized Wireless Transmission of Stereo Images and 3-D reconstruction on Hardware
Published in International Journal on Advances in Telecommunications
Volume: 8.0
Issue: 3 & 4
Pages: 98.0 - 120.0
Stereo images are captured using cameras connectedto PC. These images are segmented and stored in thecompressed form. The compressed segmented images aretransmitted to the ARM-9 processor based system by usingZIGBEE wireless module. These images, when received at thereceiver end, are recovered, and a 3-D image is generated onthe TFT display. Depth levels are also estimated fromsegmented stereo images and transmitted through ZIGBEEmodule to ARM-9 processor based hardware. Depth levelsreceived at the hardware are used to control a robot. Thisproposal is a prototype that can be implemented for visionbased industrial applications. The present paper deals with thetransmitter-receiver link for stereo images and movement ofrobot proportional to estimated depth levels.
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JournalInternational Journal on Advances in Telecommunications
PublisherInternational Journal on Advances in Telecommunications
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