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Pass transistor adiabatic Logic with NMOS Pull-down configuration in stand-by mode
P. Vane Pallavi, , J. Raut Ketan, Singh Jattana Harpreet, P. Khambete Uday
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This paper presents design of 2:1 MUX using adiabatic logic style PAL2NSM and the results of energy dissipation are compared with simple CMOS 2:1 MUX. PAL2NSM is a dual rail logic and it works on single phase AC supply voltage. Hence, instead of using constant supply voltage like in conventional CMOS circuits, power-clock supply (PC) which is in the form of sinusoidal or ramp signal is used as supply voltage. The simulated results are obtained using BSIM3v3 Spectre models in standard 0.18m CMOS technology using Cadence design environment. The delay comparison is performed for pre-layout (schematic view) and post-layout simulations under different operating conditions.
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JournalProceedings - 2nd International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation, ICCUBEA 2016
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