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Performance Analysis of Scheffler Solar Concentrator Steam Generator,by Using Cylindrical and Conical Receiver for Thermal Efficiency improvement
, S. Ramachandran, Digvijay Gavas, Miss. Anusha Putti
Published in Romanian Cultural Foundation
Volume: XXIV
Issue: 11.0
Pages: 1221.0 - 1249.0
Concentrated solar technology is a device which can concentrate solar radiations using mirrors or lenses to produce temperature in the range of 100 ᵒC to 450 ᵒC or more. Fixed Focus Elliptical Dish called as Scheffler concentrator has proved to be a mile stone in solar thermal energy utilization .In this paper two different Scheffler concentrators with area 9.7 and 2.7 m2 have been designed and experimentation setup also designed. Experimentation was done after design, development and manufacturing of setup This paper presents Experimental, parametric analysis performed for improvement in thermal efficiency of two Scheffler having concentrator ratio 17 and 48, of sizes 2.7 m2 and 9.2 m2 respectively., logic of choosing two sizes of concentrator have one parameter of differentiation as concentration ratio. Parameters used for experimentation are shape of receiver conical and cylindrical, tilting of receiver at 30, 45 60ᵒ to horizontal. In conical receiver in tilting condition focal area covered on receiver on which solar radiations get concentrated is more and surface temperature reduces, initial heating of inlet temperature up to 50ᵒC to reduce thermal inertia, glass cover to receiver surface to avoid convection losses. After experimentation optimum condition for maximum efficiency was found out. For high concentrator ratio, receiver and storage tank is built separately while for low concentrator ratio it is receiver cum storage tank where half of storage tank cum receiver is filled with water for thermal balancing. Cylindrical receiver has maximum efficiency 50 to 55% in case of initial heating of water, and conical receiver has maximum efficiency 55 to 60% in case of tilting of receiver. In normal condition optimum operating point has an efficiency of 52.8% at 2 bar at 650 W/m2. for small Scheffler, for big Scheffler optimum operating point has an efficiency of 44.74% at 5.6 bar at 680 W/m2. For same solar incident radiations, increase in pressure increases efficiency, for same steam pressure increase in solar radiations decreases efficiency.
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JournalTransylvanian Review
PublisherRomanian Cultural Foundation
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