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Performance Analysis of Snake Algorithm for Bone Age Assessment
P. Birhade, , S. Deshmukh
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 5
Image processing has been widely used in medical research over the past few decades. Estimation of age is one of the emerging topic in medical imaging. Bone age assessment is a semi-automated method based on radiological examination of left-hand wrist which is used to find the age of skeletal and it further compared with chronological age(actual age from birth date). A difference between these two values indicates abnormalities in the skeletal development. For the better results of BAA segmentation of the desired bone is necessary. Manual methods of BAA are time consuming. This paper deals with the implementation and analysis of different segmentation techniques that can be used to extract different bones in the wrist like distal, middle, proximal, radius and ulna the results shows the snake algorithm is very efficient and reliable. © 2017 IEEE.