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Performance of Medium Access Control Protocol in WBAN for Energy Conservation
, Samrudhi Wagh, M.U. Kharat
Published in Auricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Volume: 4.0
Issue: 6.0
Pages: 199.0 - 202.0
Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking is the popular research in this era. The combination of this is useful method for one step ahead to increase the life of human being who are part of different lifecycle are senior citizen, teen rage and the youth on this world. The issue is to increase the growth of all this living mankind from different serious diseases so the technology and communication is BAN (Body Area Network) through wireless is Wireless Body Area Network. We do the research on the Data link layer of the stack protocol used in WBAN, so to increase the life of battery having the energy with some constraint because one’s the energy is utilized we cannot extend its energy only by replacing the battery so the main innovation for the research will to create the proposed protocol using existing MAC protocol performance so the total energy used for the data transmission should be minimized to increase the battery life. Transmission of data is in different condition may be in Normal, On-demand and Traffic which leads to consume more energy to overcome this there are different MAC protocol for performance in WBAN like S-MAC, Wise-MAC with IEEE 802.15.6 standard.
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JournalInternational Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication
PublisherAuricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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