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Performance predictions and parametric analysis of valved linear compressor using mathematical model
, A. Anderson, Virendra Bhojwani, Mitali Deshmukh
Published in Taylor & Francis
Volume: 39.0
Issue: 5.0
Pages: 456.0 - 461.0
A mathematical model for a linear compressor with valves is developed. A linear compressor consists of an oscillating motor and a piston rigidly coupled to it. The mathematical model deals with the dynamic equation of a linear compressor consisting of inertia, motor force, and damping. It also solves the electrical circuit equation to estimate the current flowing through the motor circuit. The model considers the dynamic operation of suction and discharge valves. The refrigerant properties are estimated by interfacing the programme with REFPROP to predict the cylinder instantaneous pressure and temperature. Finally, the model predicts the net cooling capacity, compressor input power, and COP for the given compressor geometry. The mathematical model is validated with the experimental results reported by Lee et al. (2004. ‘Linear Compressor for Air-Conditioner.’ L. G. Electronics, international compressor engineering conference, Purdue University, C047, 1–7). Parametric analysis of the compressor is done by varying parameters like input voltage, refrigerant, and superheating temperature of the refrigerant. Results generated by the mathematical model are presented and discussed.
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JournalInternational Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Open AccessNo