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Photo-elastic Stress Analysis of Angled Abutment Dental Implant-bone Interface
Pravin R. Lokhande,
Published in IERJ
Volume: Special Issue 2
Issue: Special Issue 2
Pages: 1118.0 - 1123.0
The angled abutment dental implants are being widely used for the implantation. The implants systems are available in various thread profiles & abutment angles. During the mastication of the food masticatory force acts on the angled abutment dental implants. This results into higher stress intensity and bone damage around the implants which causes the intense to patient. The present study has compared the angled abutment dental implants systems to find the best system which gives minimum stress intensity at implant-bone interface. The Dentist currently using angled abutment dental implant systems has been selected for the study. The responses of the Dentists for selection of the system’s dimensions, the questionnaire survey and statistical data analysis have done. The Photo elastic stress analysis of the angled abutment dental implants for various occlusal loads and for same angled abutment dental implant systems were drilled into acrylic block. The ooclusal load magnitudes taken for performing the experimentation are 28N, 55N, 83N, 110N, 138N and166N respectively. This method provides a means for visualization of stress patterns spread across the cross section of loaded specimen and determination of principle stress difference in the whole field. The set up consist of the arrangement of optical elements such as polarizer, quarter wave plates, and analyzer. By counting the fringe order at analyzer we can calculate the stress intensity at implant-bone interface. The best angled abutment dental implant system which has given minimum stress intensity has been found.
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JournalInternational Engineering Research Journal (IERJ)
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