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Placement of sparse partial uniform and non-uniform wavelength converters in wavelength routed networks
Shilpa Patil S,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 5
Wavelength conversion is one of the important process in wavelength routed networks. For improvement of network performance reduction in blocking probability, elimination of wavelength continuity constraints and proper placement of wavelength converters are very crucial factors. With the help of appropriate selection of routing and wavelength assignment technique and with right placement of wavelength converters, one can achieve better performance in these networks. In this paper, we propose scheme for dynamic routing and wavelength assignment with sparse partial uniform and sparse non-uniform wavelength conversion. The results show that call blocking probability is significantly reduced with use of very few converters. Number of wavelength converters required is only 2.4 percent in case of sparse non-uniform and 3 percent for sparse partial uniform as compare to that of full wavelength converters. © 2015 IEEE.