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Plant Diseases Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Models
P. Panchal, V.C. Raman,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In the agricultural sector, identification of plant diseases is extremely crucial as they hamper robustness and health of the plant which play a vital role in agricultural productivity. These problems are common in plants, if proper prevention methods are not taken it might seriously affect the cultivation. The current method of detecting disease is done by an expert's opinion and physical analysis, which is time-consuming and costly in the real world. Hence, computer-based detection has become a necessity. This paper comprises of an overview of image segmentation using K-means clustering and HSV dependent classification for recognizing infected part of the leaf and feature extraction using GLCM. The efficiency of the proposed methodology is able to detect and classify the plant diseases successfully with an accuracy of 98% when processed by Random Forest classifier. © 2019 IEEE.