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Polymer-induced crystallization of inorganic salts II. PEO-CaCl2, PEO-K2CO3 and PEO-CaCO3
Published in Elsevier
Volume: 129
Issue: 1-2
Pages: 191 - 201
Structure, growth and morphology of various inorganic salts (CaCl2, K2CO3 and CaCO3) was investigated when crystallized in a polyethylene oxide (PEO) matrix. The PEO has profound influence on the crystalline phase and morphology of these salts which crystallize out when added in excess of 2:1 molar ratio. PEO-CaCl2 crystallizes in orthorhombic configuration with a = 8.2 A ̊, b = 13.5 A ̊ and c = 19.26 A ̊, while PEO-K2CO3 has lattice parameters of a = 7.46 A ̊, b = 5.45 A ̊ and c = 7.64 A ̊ with preferential orientation of crystallites. CaCO3 formed "in situ" from these matrices shows a mixed phase of vaterite and monoclinic forms and grows with preferential row nucleation along the polymeric fibres. © 1993.
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