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Precision agriculture robot for seeding function
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2
In recent years, robotics in agriculture sector with its implementation based on precision agriculture concept is the newly emerging technology. The main reason behind automation of farming processes are saving the time and energy required for performing repetitive farming tasks and increasing the productivity of yield by treating every crop individually using precision farming concept. Designing of such robots is modeled based on particular approach and certain considerations of agriculture environment in which it is going to work. These considerations and different approaches are discussed in this paper. Also, prototype of an autonomous Agriculture Robot is presented which is specifically designed for seed sowing task only. It is a four wheeled vehicle which is controlled by LPC2148 microcontroller. Its working is based on the precision agriculture which enables efficient seed sowing at optimal depth and at optimal distances between crops and their rows, specific for each crop type. © 2016 IEEE.