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Predicting the fatigue of steering knuckle arm of a sport utility vehicle while deploying analytical techniques using cae
S Bhokare K, , S Kulkarni S
Published in
Volume: 1
Issue: 11
Pages: 372 - 381

Automobile components and structures are regularly subjected to cyclic loading and they are consequently prone to fatigue damage. The steering knuckle, being a part of the vehicle’s steering and suspension system, undergoes time-varying loading during its service life. This work shall be consisting of analyzing the steering knuckle for the main operating conditions. The Finite Element methodology would be adopted to solve the problem while determining the fatigue life of the steering knuckle. The process of validation for this method is sought through the physical Experimentation for determining stress levels and/or deflection at the designated locations (identified using F.E. Modeling). Since the input used for Fatigue is the stress in the component, validation is sought through comparison of this input data. Fatigue life experimentation is usually not feasible since this is a case of high cycle fatigue. In the physical experimentation we will be finding out the graph for stiffness i.e. Load Vs Deflection for the component. The results of Experimental work shall be compared for results with the F.E. Modeling. The concurrence of the results shall offer validation for this thesis work.

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