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Prioritized congestion aware routing protocol in distributed sensor network
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Pages: 184 - 189
In Distributed Sensor Network congestion becomes a major problem. In case of congestion, system requires more power to deliver data. Congestion leads to indiscriminate dropping of data, i.e. Data of more importance might be dropped while others of less importance are delivered. The proposed system uses data prioritization. Advanced Congestion Aware Routing (A-CAR) is a priority aware routing protocol. A-CAR dynamically discovers the routing zone and enforces differentiated routing based on routing zone and data priority. High priority packets are routed inside the routing zone and low priority packets generated outside the routing zone uses off-routing zone nodes only for routing. In effect, routing zone nodes are dedicated to serving high priority data, thereby providing better service. A-MCAR (Advanced mobile congestion aware routing protocol) provides mobile and lightweight routing zones to address sensor networks with mobile HP data sources and/or bursty HP traffic. In A-MCAR as node moves ahead, nodes coming in the range of moving node changes to HP mode and the nodes out of the range are in LP mode. © 2014 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings - International Conference on Electronic Systems, Signal Processing, and Computing Technologies, ICESC 2014