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Privacy Aware Monitoring of Mobile Users in Sensor Networks Environment
, Jagdish Bakal
Published in iJIM International
Volume: 13.0
Issue: 2.0
Pages: 128.0 - 140.0
Due to complex monitoring systems in various business domains, secrecy and privacy has become critical issue for movable resources including human being. In a mobile object monitoring systems, balancing computing resources and quality of privacy is required. Objects can be mobile devices, users or any other moving entity. This work is presented in wireless sensor network environment. Earlier work does not consider presence of mobile objects in 3D space. We can observe that objects also carry Z axis in city area where high rise buildings are present. Earlier monitoring applications are mainly designed in two dimensional space to protect privacy. Our novelty is to suggest and design mechanism that reflect Z position (height) of mobile objects for protecting privacy. While calculating cloaking area and counting of objects, height is also considered as third dimension. This results in better location privacy as compared to the privacy delivered by the scheme that considers two dimensional space. We have presented performance, communications cost, privacy strength of modified 3D quality algorithm and 3D resource algorithm. Moreover, we present novel containment resolution algorithm that handles duplicate counting due to 3D presence of wireless system and mobile devices.
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JournaliJIM International Journal: Interactive Mobile Technologies
PublisheriJIM International
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